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Eda Zavala, Curandera From Peru Speaks for Impact a Village



Eda Zavala, a curandera from Peru visits U.S.

Eda Zavala, a curandera who works in the Amazon region of Peru gave an inspiring talk in the Granite Bay home of Impact a Village board member Lisa Wade. On August 21, 2015, over 30 people were in attendance as Eda spoke about the needs of the indigenous communities deep in the Amazon Jungle. She discussed the importance of working closely with the village elders to determine the optimum way to address the needs of their community. Eda described how Impact a Village successfully worked with the Shawi tribe to provide for desks and chairs in their remote schoolhouse in the Amazon.

Community event with Eda Zavala from Peru

Community event with Eda Zavala from Peru

Impact a Village funded the purchase of the desks and chairs, and the village children helped transport the furniture by canoe on the river and on their backs hiking to their school house. “Good communication and working together with mutual respect is the key to completing projects successfully. One desk, one school, one village at a time,” says Eda.