ImpactAVillage Ambassadors Around Our World

ImpactAVillage Abassadors
Around Our World

A key element for the success of each Impact A Village project is our volunteer, cultural ambassadors. Each ambassador collaborates with their community to bring projects to completion with the help of funding and guidance from Impact A Village. Our ambassadors are passionate and knowledgeable about the village they work with. Read more about our extraordinary ambassadors in South Sudan, Cambodia, Thailand and Peru below.

Deng Ajak Jongkuch – South Sudan

Deng Ajak Jongkuch has endured more in his life than most of us on this planet. To call him an inspiration is an understatement. Deng not only survived a harrowing journey as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, but he thrived in his passion to help the South Sudanese people. Impact A Village is honored to have Deng as their ambassador for South Sudan where he successfully directed the building of the Malek Primary School. His work continues to make an impact in South Sudan today. Deng was thrilled to answer our questions about how this former Lost Boy was found…

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Jami Sieber – Thailand

Jami Sieber, the Impact A Village cultural ambassador for Thailand, is the driving force behind the Mahout Village Project. This project funds school bus transportation for the village children of the mahouts (Elephant care takers) who work at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Jami is a brilliant acoustic/electric cellist, writer, lyricist, vocalist heard from continent to continent. How in the world does a world-famous musician become involved in the world of Mahouts and elephants? Her story is as magical as she is.

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Kris Warner – Cambodia

Kris Warner, the Impact A Village ambassador for Cambodia made an astounding, deeply spiritual journey that found him traveling from the United States all the way across the world to eventually meet his wife Naome and together start the Khmer Hands School in Kep, Cambodia. Through their dedication and inspiration, Khmer Hands is now a self-sustaining vocational school bringing hospitality and arts training to disadvantaged youth and single mothers. How did a quest so far from Kris’s U.S. roots lead him to realize that this remote community was his destiny? A place that not only transformed his own life, but all those who connected with him as well? Kris was kind enough to let us interrupt his busy schedule to answer the many questions we couldn’t stop asking him…

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Eda Zavala Lopez – Peru

A wisdom keeper, healer and activist, Eda Zavala Lopez is on a mission to help preserve the Amazon rainforest in Peru. As the ambassador for Impact A Village in Peru, she has helped many indigenous people in the Amazon improve their communities with better education and sanitation. Eda shared with us her incredible story about her mission to increase awareness and healing though her open heart and deep love for the Amazon.

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This beautifully illustrated book chronicles Deng’s harrowing journey as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. “A Story of Hope” is an amazing story of courage and is written for ages 3rd grade and up. All proceeds go to ImpactAVillage to help improve education and healthcare in villages around the world.

If you are an educator who wishes to purchase books for your classroom at an educational discount, please contact Lisa Wade, President of ImpactAVillage

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September, 2018: ImpactAVillage continues to support our local “village” of Northern California devastated by fires in the past few years. In 2017 and 2018, we donated reserve funds to the Redwood Empire Food Bank which provides critical food for fire workers and those displaced by fires. This is the way to impact a village!

October 13, 2017: The board members of ImpactAVillage voted to help our local “village” of Northern California devastated by the fires. We donated $2500 to the Redwood Empire Food Bank who is providing critical food to shelters for our neighbors displaced by fires. This is the way to impact a village!

September 8th, 2018|