Vocational School for Disadvantaged Youth


ImpactAVillage is proud to support the Khmer Hands School of Art and Hospitality. This school a uniquely modeled, self-sustaining vocational training school designed to give Cambodia’s large population of impoverished and at-risk youth as well as single mothers the job and life skills needed for a secure future. The design educates students, restores cultural arts, attracts guests, generates revenue to support the project/school, and works to improve the community. Kris Warner and his wife Naome developed and run the Khmer Hands School.

The Khmer Hands school is located in Kep, Cambodia an extremely poor province, but one that is rapidly redeveloping as a tourist destination. Rather than pull students away from home, the school is bringing hospitality and arts training to the youth, allowing them to stay with the security of family, and ultimately be a significant part of helping to rebuild their community. Students complete their studies in 18 months allowing for additional students to enter the school and as funds grow the school and student body will grow. The province of Kep literally has thousands of kids who could benefit from this training.

With the support of ImpactAVillage, the Khmer Hands School was recently able to build four new guest bungalows, buy three new sewing machines and hire a full-time sewing instructor. Khmer Hands also established permaculture gardens, which are providing fresh vegetables for their restaurant. Your donations to this project will help with school expansion and support additional students in their vocational training.


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Khmer Hands School in Cambodia

Photos of the Khmer Hands School

More Photos: building a structure, working in garden, kids learning, cooking, sewing, repairing

NEWS UPDATE: ImpactAVillage Responds to COVID

May 2020: ImpactAVillage  made a $10,000 donation to the non-profit “Feeding Good” program at Revolution Foods that will provide free meals to families in need across the US.  Revolution Foods, based in Oakland, has distributed over 15 million healthy meals during COVID to students out of school, families in need, homebound seniors, and homeless citizens across citywide programs in over 175 US cities in 18 states.This is the way to impact a village!

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