Project: Mahout Village Project

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Transporting Children to School

Transporting Children to School


The Mahout Village Project helps subsidize school bus transportation for the village children of the mahouts (Elephant care takers) who work at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Thailand. Donations to this project pay for the transportation of 50 village children to safely and reliably get to the local, government school.

Many of the parents of these children have not attended school beyond 6th or 8th grade. They are very supportive of their children attending school and do their best to provide a better life for them. The funding of school transportation reduces the financial burden on families and helps assure their children get to school.


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Mahout Village Project in Thailand

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November, 2018: ImpactAVillage continues to support our local “village” of Northern California devastated by fires with our recent donation to the North Valley Community Foundation for relief of victims and workers of the Camp Fire. This is the way to impact a village!

October, 2017: The board members of ImpactAVillage voted to help our local “village” of Northern California devastated by the fires. We donated relief funds to the Redwood Empire Food Bank who is providing critical food to shelters for our neighbors displaced by fires. This is the way to impact a village!

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